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1977: Vargalant idea was founded in 1977, when brothers Oto Prebil and Bogo Prebil started to specialize in welding and production of car parts. Garage is where the stories of success are born. Our story is no different.

1979: Demand for replacement suspension parts for legendary Zastava and Yugo cars in Yugoslavia, was constantly increasing and Vargalant had the solution. In the following years we have extended our replacement suspension parts from Zastava, to the other brands, among which, the most noticeable were Peugeot, Renault.

1981: The popularity of rally and car racing in general, was all time high and with group B rally cars being the talk of the town, the national rally events were present, basically in every country around the world, but race car suspension parts were hard to get at that time, especially in our area, ex-Yugoslavia, so Vargalant, once again, offered a solution. Basically every local rally and circuit car of that time, that won, was using our suspension parts.

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