Lamborghini Gallardo, control arm ball joint with M12 thread.


Lamborghini Gallardo, upper control arm ball joint with M12 thread is unavailable  as a replacement part, separately, only complete new control arm can be bought, so we have designed replacement ball joint. Due to use of higher grade materials, it boasts with superior durability compared to OEM part. Get your Gallardo handle like new.


Compatible with:

  • Lamborghini - Gallardo, with M12 thread ball joints (replacable)



  • Control arms with replacable, thread-in type ball joints


In case you need different type of ball joint or bushing or unsure about the fitment, please send us 1x sample part (it can be worn out, used) and we'll fabricate it to the specs.


SKU: 06B620
€ 110,00Price
    • Brand new part
    • Fits Lamborghini Gallardo with M12 thread ball joints
    • Improved durability
    • CrMo ball joint internals
    • Rubber sealed ball joints
    • Zinc coated ball joints
    • Rubber bushings
    • Maintenance free
    • Price per piece

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