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NISSAN - 350Z - BALL JOINT (front control arm)

Nissan - 350Z  - Front control arm knuckle ball joint.


OEM ball joints in 350Z front knuckles are not available seperately, only as entire knuckle assembly with ball joints. we have designed new and improved replacement ball joint so there is no need to change entire knuckle.


Full CrMo ball joint internals for unmatched durability.


Compatible with:

  • Nissan 350Z (all models)



  • OEM part nr.: 40014-AL55J
  • OEM part nr.: 40015-AL55J


In case you need different type of ball joint or bushing or unsure about the fitment, please send us 1x sample part (it can be worn out, used) and we'll fabricate it to the specs.

NISSAN - 350Z - BALL JOINT (front control arm)

SKU: 18B410
€ 80,00Price
Excluding Tax
    • Brand new part
    • Fits all Nissan 350Z models
    • Improved durability
    • CrMo ball joint internals
    • Rubber sealed ball joints
    • Zinc coated ball joints
    • Rubber bushings
    • Maintenance free
    • Price per piece
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