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PAXSTER - BUSHING SET (front control arm)

Paxster front control arm bushing set (2x bushings).


Paxster front control arm bushing, commonly worn out, causing uneven tire wear, rattles and poor handling, is now available as a replacement part. Due to use of higher grade materials, low friction sliding medium and rubber sealed housing, boasts superior durability compared to OEM part.


Complete overhaul of Paxster front suspension, requires a total of 4x set (2x bushing for each front control arm).


Compatible with:

  • Paxster (all models)



  • Paxster front control arms

PAXSTER - BUSHING SET (front control arm)

SKU: A418
€ 60,00Price
Excluding Tax
    • Brand new, uprated part
    • Fits all Paxster models
    • Improved durability
    • CrMo axis
    • Rubber sealed housing
    • Low friction sliding sleeve
    • Maintenance free
    • Price per set (2x bushing)
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